MJMC (Master of Journalism in Mass Communication) (MJMC)

In an era of information explosion, Journalism and Mass Communication is playing a vital role in spreading information and inducing change as well as in maintaining the system of society. The Programme offers a specialization in Mass Communication to the subject coming from various disciplines. To fulfil these goals systematic education of journalism and mass communication has become inevitable. MJMC is a carrier-oriented course spread over four semesters (2 years). The objective of MJMC is to enable the students to understand the concept, scope and significance of mass communication and its techniques; to familiarize and train the students with media techniques by affording them an exposure to contemporary media skills and to provide an opportunity to pursue their areas of interest in this educational stream to go for a career. The course stimulates the students to become feature Anchor, Reporter, Journalist, YouTuber, Camera Person, Film directors, Television Producer, PRO’s, advertising, Creative Heads in future.

Affiliation Under Process: – Master of Journalism in Mass Communication (MJMC) is affiliated by C.C.S. University, Meerut