Anti - Ragging Committee

In the observance of the orders issued by Hon’ble Supreme Court, stating that ragging is strictly prohibited in the educational institutions in any form. An Anti-Ragging Core Committee is constituted headed by the undersigned to check any act of ragging among the students.

Student or their parents/guardian can contact personally or telephonically to report cases related with ragging or any other problems the student faces in the campus to the following s members.

Sr.No. Name Designation Contact Number
1 Prof. (Dr) K Tara Shankar Director (IIHS) +91-9560994656
2 Dr. Shikha Agarwal Assistant Professor +91-9650588772
3 Dr. Bipul Kumar Assistant Professor +91-9899776918
4 Prof. Prashant Prabhakar Assistant Professor +91-6397126189

Any act of ragging must be immediately reported to the office of undersigned, so that strict action can be taken against students found involved in any kind of ragging.