Mrs. Meena Singh


We at IIHS have joined hands to carry forward the dream of educating the nation, a dream which laid the foundation of ‘Tapindu Educational Society’, an initiative of Late Mr. Ajit Kumar Singh almost a decade ago.

We produce some of the best opportunities for the students who have a burning passion to excel in the field of business administration. Strategic collaborations with both academic centers of excellence as well as with corporate wizards make it a perfect situation for talented youngsters to harness their skills and unleash success contributing to individual as well as national growth. With Colleges & institutions in Bharat, mushrooming by the hour and with Higher Education in Management having more supply than demand these days ,we aim to deliver excellence with a one of a initiative to our deserving students. We hope to create and maintain high standards of deliverables thus contributing value to Higher Education in India.So,with open arms IIHS invites all who wish to” Learn, Serve, Excel”, discriminating only on the basis of talent, content and most importantly intent.